Sunday, 01 December 2019

Zubair Automotive Group launches new Mobile App

Zubair Automotive Group, the flagship enterprise of Zubair Corporation, has announced the launch of Zubair Automotive Mobile App, a handy, interactive portal, to engage and connect with its customers and provide tactical automobile solutions for all users.

Free for download on Play Store and App Store (Android and IOS platforms, respectively), the App will essentially act as a digital guide for car related queries and requests, with provisions to access information pertaining to buying and selling of cars. The app is incorporated with eye-catching visuals of the services portfolio. The user interface is aesthetic in design and functional in nature, and is the result of an empirical study of the market and direct interaction with customers across the Group’s various automotive companies.

“Our team of digital experts has conceptualised the app as a ‘car-assistant’ to meet the demands of our savvy customers. It is, in every sense, a one-stop shop for all aspects related to automobiles - whether the need of the hour is for road-side assistance or a critical understanding of the finer nuances of buying and selling cars. The Zubair Automotive Mobile App will take our customer-centric approach to business to a new level, assuring our expert assistance at the click of a button,” said Mark Tomlinson, Group General Manager of Zubair Automotive Group.

The recent past has seen the Group expanding its portfolio of operations through digitisation of its operations. With the release of the app, Zubair Automotive Group will further augment its credentials in the automobile industry as a leader in the field of digital service delivery. Engineered to provide quick access to services ranging from booking car service to calculating car loan and much more. The basic algorithm of the app allows users to log on to it for comparing cars for their features, performance and pricing; for soliciting road-side assistance; for verifying current loans on the car; for getting a quick reference on the balance loans; for checking out options to avail pre-owned cars; and for booking a test drive or a car service, among others.

With Zubair Automotive Group representing some of the most recognizable global automotive brands in Oman, the app will prove to be an effective source of guide and assistance for all its brands, including Mitsubishi Motors, Audi, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Highlighting some of the significant features of the app, Tomlinson said, “In a world that is becoming increasingly digitised, the Zubair Automotive App is a windfall for time-strapped customers who can now find the required service at their fingertips. Our features large icons that are Illustrative in nature, making it easy and convenient for all Smartphone users to navigate through the dashboard. We have mobilised our team and trained our main service personnel to work in tandem with the digital portal. Customer service has been our primary focus and the app will not only minimise the paperwork, it will also maximise our response time.”

The app will define the new digital world in the automobile sector, with advanced information technologies, interactive communication portals and timely and convenient services.

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